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No memory will be manipulated, everything that appears in the photographs will be what moved you, surprised you and made you happy during the session.

Naturalness is my hallmark, I’m not looking for perfection but authenticity.

Going beyond trends and doing work that remains unchanged over time .


The budget includes an outdoor session, preferably at sunrise or sunset. During the session, family members may intervene (number of people indicated by price) and there may be the desired costume changes.
The location will be carried out in an environment according to the client’s tastes and in case of not having any preference, the photographer will propose alternatives according to the client’s indications.
I always say that my clients speak of me better than myself, I invite you to consult more than 100 opinions from the best-known portals in the sector:
Winner of the LUX prize in social photography 2013 awarded by the association of Spanish professional photographers.


Price from Monday to Friday (1h):
Price on weekends and holidays (1h):
Price from Monday to Friday (1h):
Price on weekends and holidays (1h):
Price from Monday to Friday (1h):
Price on weekends and holidays (1h):
Summary video: The delivery includes a video with the compilation of the best photographs as a summary, with music and compatible with social networks so that you can share it with the people you are interested in.

Online gallery: Files with *.jpg extension will be delivered, edited with the style seen on the web, in high definition to be able to print and in low definition to be able to have on phones and share on social networks . I do not limit the number of images that are delivered, so you can rest assured that nothing important is left unedited. As a reference, in a one-hour session, there will be between 80 and 150 photographs. These files will be in an online gallery where you will have all the photographs to download, thus facilitating access to all the people with whom you want to share them.

Pen drive: The client also has access to a pen drive, as long as he picks it up at the facilities in Sant Cugat. There is the possibility of shipping with a cost of €15.
Have you already contracted me once or have you been recommended by a regular customer? You have a 10% discount on all contracted products.

Are you a regular customer? (2 or more contracts) You have a 15% discount on all contracted products.

Do you want more locations, do you want more time for more costume changes? Do you need more time for more photos? Ask for the budget per extra hour.
Additional features
Albums: I adapt to all budgets and tastes, we will make a 100% tailor-made proposal, but if you want information and ideas on how your album can be, follow the link:

Impressions: Ask me about all kinds of impressions and decoration


You do not have to make the payment until the wedding is finished, edited, you have seen the summary and you are happy with the result, it will be then when the invoice is made and the payment is made by transfer or Paypal. Once the transfer has been made, the online gallery will be available for download and the physical delivery will be made (personalized wooden box and small album).
The summary video with the best photographs of the wedding is delivered after 2-3 weeks. Once the payment is made, the online gallery is available the next business day, where you will already have all the photographs to view, download and share if you wish. The physical delivery will take 1 or 2 weeks to be ready to come to Sant Cugat. If you want me to send it to your home, I will send it to you by courier at the price determined by the logistics service.
Yes, through the online gallery, you can send your guests the photos of the session and they can choose which photos they want to download and print them themselves in their trusted laboratory or request them from me. You can even make a specific gallery with only those photos that you want to share with the people around you and reserve the others in private just for you.
I travel without problems for sessions anywhere, I have done reports in Spain and Europe, just explain your idea to me and we will surely find a way to make it a reality.
Ask me and I will make you a customized budget
Without any problem! you are all family
We can go to all the places you want, but the travel time between locations counts as session time.
Of course! but in this case, the session will have to be paid for first. I can make you a digital «gift voucher» if you want, personalized and with the words and names you want. Any type of session can be given away.


My ideal is that the place where we take the photos has an emotional bond with you and I love discovering new locations, but if you don’t have any favorite place, I have a very long list of beautiful places to go that will surely fit you.

If you have a few minutes you can see some of my most recent work in the following links.

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